Frameless Glass: What Makes It Ideal for Your Office Space?

Two things must stand out when designing your business space: professionalism and elegance. These two qualities create a lasting impression in the mind of your customers, investors and employees alike. They express how much attention you pay to the fine details of your business, by ensuring that you conduct it in a presentable setting. How many materials come to mind when you think about elegance in office spaces? Rather than have you take a wild guess, this piece will point you to the best answer so that you can go for the killer look in your office. Read More 

Upgrade Your Door Glass the Next Time You Need a Repair

If a pane of glass in your door gets broken, you need to schedule door glass repair. You can ask the repair technician to replace the broken glass with the exact same type of glass, or you may want to take advantage of this opportunity to change the type of glass you have in your door. Here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration.  Frosted Glass To create a bit more privacy with the glass in your door, consider changing to frosted glass. Read More 

Are Glass Doors a Key Architectural Feature For Your Home?

When most people think of entryway doors, they envision solid, hardwood doors that add a sense of stoicism to their house. While there is nothing wrong with classic, hardwood doors, a lot has to be said about the new kid on the block — glass doors. Contemporary home design has pervaded most houses in Aussie, even those exuding a rustic charm. And no material screams modern style as much as glass! Read More 

Engaging In Window Repairs? Consider the Following Types of Glass

Being a homeowner means window repairs are bound to crop up in the future. And while this can be an inconvenience, it does present you with an opportunity to bolster the energy efficiency of your home by changing out the annealed glass of your windows to energy-efficient alternatives. Furthermore, when you consider that different parts of your home will have varying efficiency needs, for instance, based on the orientation of the windows and the design of your home, you have the opportunity to select different types of energy-efficient glass for the various windows in your house! Read More 

3 Ways To Make Stained Glass Windows Stand Out Into Your Living Room

Stained glass windows have the ability to add another layer of visual beauty to your living room thanks to their colourful drama, modern designs and stunning patterns. But to make them really stand out, you're going to have to get a little creative. Here are some ways to help you do that: Paint Your Living Room Walls White Stained glass needs to stand out on its own and will fade out of view when offset against crowded or coloured walls. Read More