Upgrade Your Shower Experience: The Benefits of Shower Glass and Shower Screens

When it comes to bathroom design, shower glass and shower screens are popular choices for homeowners looking for a modern and sleek look. These options offer a range of benefits over traditional shower curtains, including increased durability, easy maintenance and improved aesthetics. This article describes the benefits of shower glass and shower screens, the variety of options available and the importance of proper installation.   Increased Durability and Easy Maintenance    Read More 

Windscreen Replacement FAQ

A crack on your car's windscreen means it is time for a prompt repair. The following can help you better understand what to expect. Can a Windscreen Be Repaired? In some cases, a full replacement may not be necessary. If a chip is relatively small and not directly in the driver's line of sight, your glass tech may be able to repair it with a quick-curing resin glass filler. Large chips or cracks, those that are still growing, and those in the driver's line of sight will typically require a windscreen replacement. Read More 

Considerations When Installing a Glass Shower in Your Home

If you've decided to install glass screens in your bathroom, you need to get specific about the details to achieve what you want with the shower. As well as the appearance, you also need to consider the privacy of the shower and how much maintenance it will require. Consider the following information to help you make the right choice. Privacy Glass shower screens are sleeker than shower curtains. However, they may not offer as much privacy depending on the type of glass you choose. Read More 

Strategies for Protecting Glass Pool Fencing from Birds

A swimming pool can increase the value of a property significantly. However, installing a glass fence around a pool adds a level of elegance and class that no other fencing material can match. Notably, you probably don't need a glass fence for an indoor pool unless your primary objective is aesthetics. However, if you have an outdoor swimming pool, you need to worry about birds flying into the glass fence or leaving corrosive droppings. Read More 

Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting for an Office

Many offices feature large, expansive windows that prevent a closed-in feeling. However, glass expanses can have unwanted consequences such as glare and lack of privacy. Window tinting helps with these situations, plus others. Thus, if you're installing commercial glass windows, why not consider toned glass? Consider the following benefits you'll enjoy. Lower Energy Bills Keeping the office comfortable in winter and summer can chew up power and cause ongoing high energy costs. Read More