Strategies for Protecting Glass Pool Fencing from Birds

A swimming pool can increase the value of a property significantly. However, installing a glass fence around a pool adds a level of elegance and class that no other fencing material can match. Notably, you probably don't need a glass fence for an indoor pool unless your primary objective is aesthetics. However, if you have an outdoor swimming pool, you need to worry about birds flying into the glass fence or leaving corrosive droppings. Thus, protecting a glass pool fence against birds is essential. This post explores strategies for protecting glass pool fencing from birds.

Etch or Use Decals

It is common for people to walk right into glass doors and walls for the simple reason that glass is clear. Unfortunately, the same thing happens to birds that fly low and close to your swimming pool. Since birds cannot see an obstacle, they can easily ram into a glass fence. Notably, it can be fatal to small birds flying at high speeds. On the other hand, big birds can leave significant damages on a pool fence due to their size and weight. One way of preventing birds from flying into a glass pool fence is to make it more visible. You can achieve it in two ways: etching the surface or applying decals. Etching beautiful patterns on a glass fence can be expensive because it requires the services of a qualified glazier. Despite the cost, etching a glass pool fencing guarantees brilliant results aesthetically and functionally. Applying decals is a cheaper alternative since you can do it as a DIY and still achieve the same results.

Spray on a Glass Shield

Bird droppings are corrosive and can leave etch marks on the surface of a glass fence if not cleaned off immediately. It is the reason you must immediately grab a sponge, detergent, and clean water to wipe off any bird droppings on a glass fence. However, it can be a backbreaking task if you live in an area with a high bird population. Thus, it is advisable to spray the glass with an ethanol-based protective coating when installing a glass fence. The protective coating seals the surface, prevents corrosion from bird droppings, and makes it easy to wash off dirt and dust. The best thing about the ethanol-based shield is that it does not interfere with the clarity of glass.

Install Sculptures Around the Pool

If you have visited a farm, you know that a scarecrow is supposed to keep birds away from crops. You can use the same approach to protect your glass pool fencing from birds. While you can use the sculpture of a human figure for the purpose, it is advisable to install sculptures of massive birds of prey, such as eagles or hawks. The reason is that the statue of an eagle stands a better chance of scaring away birds than that of a human figure. Besides scaring away birds and protecting your pool's glass fence, a sculpture can act as an aesthetic focal point around the pool area.

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