Frameless Glass: What Makes It Ideal for Your Office Space?

Two things must stand out when designing your business space: professionalism and elegance. These two qualities create a lasting impression in the mind of your customers, investors and employees alike. They express how much attention you pay to the fine details of your business, by ensuring that you conduct it in a presentable setting. How many materials come to mind when you think about elegance in office spaces? Rather than have you take a wild guess, this piece will point you to the best answer so that you can go for the killer look in your office. It's frameless glass, and here are the attributes that make it an ideal choice for partitioning your office space:

Seamless Finishing Within the Space

Frameless glass is the best for creating the partitions you need while still maintaining an expansive look of the whole office. The frameless designs live up to your expectations by getting rid of vertical posts and unsightly intersections. Keep in mind that the flawless panels do not limit the kind of partitioning you can have. They are available as striking lines, smooth curves or facets.

When fitting, the frameless glass, your service provider bonds the panels together using silicon or invisible joints. Silicon is the best bonding material for a borderless finish.

You Still Get Your Fittings

Many people think that they will miss a couple of fittings if they opt for frameless glass partitions. That is not the case. Frameless glass is strong and capable of supporting the fittings and features you might want to install in various locations. Your office will still be secure because the glass panels can support high-end door locks and handles. You can also mount biometric access systems where you deem fit. 

Other features you can use include reducer posts and deflection heads.

Double or Single Glazing - You Choose!

When you go for frameless glass partitions, you can choose between single and double glazing. Single glazing comes with minimum industrial measurements based on your locality. The single panel of glass allows lots of light to penetrate the interior space. They are easier and less costly to install, but you must trade off these qualities with less effective soundproofing. Double glazing is the best option when you choose frameless glass for office partitioning. The double glass panels alternate a mixture of toughened and laminated glass to deliver excellent noise reduction for those in your commercial space. Just worth noting that the noise reduction does not come at the expense of a discreet and slim finish.

For more information on frameless glass, contact a supplier.