Upgrade Your Door Glass the Next Time You Need a Repair

If a pane of glass in your door gets broken, you need to schedule door glass repair. You can ask the repair technician to replace the broken glass with the exact same type of glass, or you may want to take advantage of this opportunity to change the type of glass you have in your door. Here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration. 

Frosted Glass

To create a bit more privacy with the glass in your door, consider changing to frosted glass. This type of glass uses sandblasting or etching to put designs on a piece of clear glass. As a result, light can stream through the glass, but images on either side of the glass are blurred. You can have the entire piece of glass frosted, but in most cases, people choose a design. For instance, you may want most of the glass frosted but have clear glass around the borders to enhance the door's aesthetic appeal. 

Bubble Glass

With bubble glass, you also reap the benefits of door glass that allows light through while increasing your privacy. However, with bubble glass, you don't have to worry about picking out a design. You just ask the glass door repair person to replace all the glass panels in your door with bubble glass. Bubble glass can work for small panes of glass in a big door, but it can also come in a large sheet for doors that are predominantly glass. 

Stained Glass

Add even more style to your newly repaired door by replacing the broken glass with stained glass. Keep in mind that many glass repair people may work with a wide variety of glass but may not have stained glass readily available. Luckily, you can find stained glass from a range of different places, especially from someone who works with reclaimed building materials. 

Security Glass

To add extra security to your door, consider talking with your glass door repair person about security glass. This extra-thick glass is often used in commercial applications, and although you should expect to pay a higher up-front investment for this type of glass, you can count on facing fewer issues with broken glass down the road. As a result, you may save money in the long run. 

If your door has to be altered to work with the thickness of security glass, you may want to consider traditional door glass and then add a layer of security film to the glass.

Contact a door glass repair professional for more information.