Engaging In Window Repairs? Consider the Following Types of Glass

Being a homeowner means window repairs are bound to crop up in the future. And while this can be an inconvenience, it does present you with an opportunity to bolster the energy efficiency of your home by changing out the annealed glass of your windows to energy-efficient alternatives. Furthermore, when you consider that different parts of your home will have varying efficiency needs, for instance, based on the orientation of the windows and the design of your home, you have the opportunity to select different types of energy-efficient glass for the various windows in your house! So if you are soon engaging in window repairs, consider the following types of energy-efficient glass windows for your home.

Double and triple-glazed glass

Double-glazed windows, as implied by the name, comprise two glass sheets that are separated by an insulating layer of air between them. The air between the two panes of glass functions to decelerate the rate at which heat either escapes or penetrates your home. Thus, your house becomes less susceptible to thermal loss and gain. Nevertheless, if you live in a particularly hot or cold area of Australia, then you may want to consider the triple-glazed variety that makes use of three glass panes rather than two. While triple-glazed windows are more expensive, you are guaranteed superior insulation for your home.

Low-E glass

These types of windows are characterised by a low emissivity coating that functions to minimise heat transfer. The low emissivity coating is virtually invisible since it is a microscopically thin layer of metallic oxide that is applied directly on the glass panes. And although low emissivity glass is more expensive than regular annealed glass, these windows will substantially lower the energy loss your home experiences when you have regular windows. If your glass windows are intact and you are engaging in repairs on the frame, then you can choose to purchase the low-E coating itself and have your window technicians apply it on your windows during the repair process.

Spectrally selective glass

Although this type of glass coating is typically confused with the low emissivity variety, it functions slightly differently. Spectrally selective windows are capable of filtering a high percentage of the radiant heat which typically penetrates standard glass windows. In fact, depending on the type of spectrally selective coating that you choose, you could end up with windows that are more efficient than their glazed counterparts are!