3 Ways To Make Stained Glass Windows Stand Out Into Your Living Room

Stained glass windows have the ability to add another layer of visual beauty to your living room thanks to their colourful drama, modern designs and stunning patterns. But to make them really stand out, you're going to have to get a little creative. Here are some ways to help you do that:

Paint Your Living Room Walls White

Stained glass needs to stand out on its own and will fade out of view when offset against crowded or coloured walls. To prevent this from happening, you should ideally paint your living room walls, doors and windows white. The white background of the walls and fixtures will really bring out the aesthetic beauty of your stained glass windows and draw the eye towards them. When choosing the shade of white, pay special attention to your existing furnishings and stained glass colours to choose something that blends in well with the décor. For example, cool whites go well with colours like blue and grey, while warm whites go well with beiges, oranges and rusts on furnishings and stained glass windows.

Play With Living Room Lighting Locations

Lighting that reflects the beauty of the patterns and designs on stained glass windows should ideally be incorporated into your living room. But it's important that you're careful with how and where you place your lighting, so you may need to play around with locations before making a decision. For example, a soft focus light just above the window will likely help to showcase its beauty without seeming too harsh, but a light that shines bright directly on the window may reflect in people's eyes and hide its visual appeal. If you're planning on using white LED lighting, you may want to choose the same warm or cool shade as your living room walls.

Make The Window A Focal Point With An Attention-Drawing Frame

You naturally want to draw attention to the beauty of your stained glass window, so work on ways to make it a focal point in your living room. For this, you may need to get rid of the clutter so that there is enough attention that can be directed towards the window and not towards some other element like an art piece or a fireplace. To do this, you will need to team the stained glass with an attention-drawing window frame in a colour that stands out from your white walls without clashing with the pattern of the glass.

Bespoke stained glass designs and patterns can make a real impact on your living room appearance, so consider these factors to make them really stand out.