Mistakes to Avoid If Your Home Has a Broken Window

If your home has a broken window, you might note some common mistakes to avoid while in the process of getting glass replacement. This will ensure that you don't make the damage worse and that the repair job gets done right!

Don't pull out shards

A broken window will usually have shards of glass that are still stuck in the frame, and it's good to leave these pieces alone while waiting for a window repairperson. You might assume you should remove those shards in order to avoid an injury or accident, but this can actually increase your risk of an injury! When pulling on a shard of glass, you may loosen other pieces that suddenly fall from the window frame, shattering and then flying in different directions. If a repairperson cannot get to your home right away, you might cover the window by nailing a board to the window frame, but be very careful about getting too close to the glass as you do this, to avoid cuts and scrapes. 

Don't assume a cracked window is safe

A cracked window, or one with any type of hole in it, is weakened, so it may be prone to suddenly breaking and even outright shattering, especially when under pressure. Don't get near that cracked glass and don't push on a hole or crack in the window, trying to evaluate the damage. You also should avoid trying to cover the glass itself with tape, cardboard, or any other material. To keep out drafts and to keep people away from the window while waiting for it to be repaired, close the curtains over the glass, but avoid actually touching the window itself.

Replacing it with the same glass

If a window in your home has cracked or outright broken, consider if you might need to replace it with a thicker and stronger glass, especially if the break is likely to happen again! Having cheap, thin, low-quality glass installed in a window after a break can be a mistake if you have energetic children who toss around their toys in the yard or if you live in a high-crime area. Gravel that flies in from a nearby roadway or frequent hailstorms in your area can also mean persistent cracks and other damage to a home's window glass. In these cases, consider toughened safety glass or even a thick laminated glass for your home's windows instead.