Using Frameless Glass to Add Style and Function to Your Home

Frameless glass features in the home can make the space seem more modern, without a room looking overly industrial and drab. Glass can also reflect light, so a small and dark home can seem bigger and brighter. If you're considering a home remodel or renovation, you might note some areas of the home where you can use frameless glass to bring in light and to make the interior space more welcoming and stylish.


Obviously not all interior walls in a home should be replaced with glass, but chances are there are some interior walls that you can remove and replace with glass panels or partitions for a more open space that still has some separation. For example, the walls around a home office, den or child's playroom might be replaced with glass. The walls between a formal dining room and the family room or kitchen can also be made of frameless glass to add separation between the rooms while making the space seem larger. You might also choose folding glass doors for a dining room so you can open them completely when entertaining.

Sliding partitions

In some areas of the home, you may not want a full wall but may still need some separation for privacy or to hide an unsightly desk, table for clothes folding or other such space. Glass sliding partitions can offer that separation without making a space seem closed in. These partitions can be hung from a track on the ceiling and may stack in front of each other to close, and the glass can even be frosted or etched to close off the view. You can then slide the panels across a space when you want to hide that cluttered desk in the corner of the living room or the laundry area that is right off the kitchen; this will block the view while still letting light through, keeping the space bright.


A glass partition between the toilet and the rest of the bathroom can allow for more sound insulation and privacy in the space without making a smaller bathroom seem cramped and crowded. Frameless glass doors to a linen closet can also keep the bathroom from seeming very small, and if you have nice linens, you can then also show them off! A frameless glass shower screen also works well to keep the bathroom area open and bright and may offer a more timeless and classic look than shower curtains that quickly become outdated.