Where to Add Mirrors Around the House

Adding mirrors around your house can be a great way to make any room look brighter and more welcoming. Mirrors can also reflect a nice view out a window, or reflect a certain item you have in the home, adding lots of visual interest to your space. Note some suggestions for how to add mirrors around your home so every room is stylish and inviting.

Dark corners

If there is a dark corner in a particular room of your home, one way to address this is with a large mirror placed on the floor. Opt for a frameless mirror, or choose a light-coloured material for the frame so it doesn't add to the darkness of the corner. This mirror will give instant brightness to the space and easily reflect light, making that corner less foreboding.

Vintage frames

If you love the look of vintage accessories in your home, you might shop second-hand stores for vintage picture frames. Use spray paint and paint them a nice white or black, and use them to frame mirrors. You can even buy second-hand mirrors and use a glass cutter to cut them to size, to fit the frames. Create a gallery effect along a wall by grouping all these frames together in one spot; they can even be placed behind the bed, above the headboard or in place of one, for a romantic touch.

Behind candles and plants

If you have a shelf or mantel where you keep candles, add a mirror behind them. A framed mirror can help anchor knickknacks you might have around that candle, and the mirror will reflect the candle's glow, making it easier to enjoy that view from any vantage point in the room.

Do the same if you have a nice houseplant on a shelf or sitting on the floor. Adding a mirror behind this plant can make it seem more voluminous and vibrant, adding more of its natural colour to your space, so your home seems cosier overall.

On the wardrobe

Adding a mirror to the inside or outside of your wardrobe in the form of mirror wardrobe doors is obviously good for checking your appearance, but the solid surface of mirrors will easily hold adhesive substances and glues. You can use construction adhesive to attach decorative and attractive hooks onto the sides of the mirror for your jewellery, scarves, and the like. These accessories can add a nice visual interest to the mirror, and this will also keep those items organized and at your fingertips.